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From the smallest house cat to the largest Amur tiger, cats are known for having rough, sand papery tongues. Their tongues are covered in rear-facing barbs, called papillae, which are very useful in grooming and also in making sure all that tasty meat is off the bones of their prey.Blank Park Zoo is a proud support of the International Rhino Foundation, one of our big three Coins for Conservation projects. Learn more about IRF and how you can become a rhino advocate at!Zoey and Addy know training time means fish time! I guess you could say they are "patiently" waiting at the deck door for the next training demonstration to start.Look who's out in the big pool! Pruitt, our 3 month old Magellanic penguin chick, ventured out onto exhibit today for the first time!Somebody isn't ready for it to be Monday. Basil would like to just stay in bed.Getting ready for Night Eyes! Duece was very interested in what the Nationwide volunteers were doing! Looking to get out of the office and have a WILD volunteer experience. Contact the volunteer manager to find out more information -

Blank Park Zoo

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Single Day Pass to the Blank Park Zoo.

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Enjoy Iowa’s Wildest Adventure with these Single Day Passes.   Good for any regular daily admission.   Not valid for special events.   Good for the entire 2018 season so stock up now and use them all year long!

Certificates Expire: 12/31/18


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